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Frang looked around, he was surrounded by at least 20 Sith. Frang had to run or else he would die. One of the Sith pushed him and another lightning. All of them were using the force in different ways hurting Frang.

"ARG UH Arhhg" Groaned Frang
"Die Jedi" Said a Sith as he raised his lightsaber.
"No you don't" Said a voice

A Jedi Master jumped on the Sith and stabed him. Then more Jedi showed up attacking the Sith. The Leaders name was Greg Kirn.

"Luke sent us, he said you and Trent were in trouble" Said a Jedi
"All Jedi come here!'' Said Greg
"Alpha team you take the labrotory and the Barracks, Beta Team you patrol the base and kill the guards, and finally Gamma team you head outside the Base to the Sith Temple, me and you two jedi over there will come with me and Frang to the Prison cells to rescue Trent" Said Greg

Greg and Frang and the other two jedi made there way to the cells. They were very silent to make sure they could sneak up on DarthNeoVenom and end his life. They busted the door to the prison cells.

"Wow theres alot of people in these cells" Said Greg

The Jedi turned a corner and in plain sight was a Sith Master...

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