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Deac: This's worse than ever!

"Dear Deac...
As you know, as part of the festive season it's up to me, Reletha
-And me, Lokpihet
To try and ruin it for you all by hatching a crazy half baked plot that would get me banned in any other thread but gives you an excuse to get all your old mates together and stop us.
But not this year. This year, we've taken steps to make sure we actually win for a change.
We've kidnapped Deac.

*Orthos enters*

Orthos: Hey, that's not're right there!

Deac: "By now you will have noticed you have not been kidnapped, but the English Guy who started the cantina and named you after him. In this way we will control what gets posted so we win. MUAHAHAHAHAHA" It goes on in that vain.

Orthos: What dastardly egotistical plot is this?

*Notices he has been stabbed again*

Orthos: Crap. Guess they mean business. Help.

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