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Okay, sorry that took a while. Stupid Halo2 take ups all my time!


The Odyssey plunged towards the red planet. Pieces of dust and space debris made clinking noises as the hit the ship. The entire crew was peering out small, round windows as the red planet approached. Wes turned to Elias. “Captain, we better get everyone to get seatbelts on. We’re gonna hit the planet in just a minute.”

Elias smiled. “Okay, Wes. But I’m staying up here. Not missing this for the world.”

Wes smiled back. “I wouldn’t either, captain.” He reached out and grabbed the announcement system transmitter. “Yo, everyone better get strapped in, ‘cause we’re goin’ down hard.” The crew of The Odyssey scrambled to get to harnesses and strap themselves in.

They were suddenly struck by a sudden jolt. The Odyssey was thrown violently backwards. Elias was up screaming. “What was that?”

Wes was flipping switches and dials like a madman. “Don’t know sir! Thrusters got hit, we’re drifting aimlessly right now.” He looked over to his right and saw something he thought he would never see. A huge, triangle-shaped piece of metal was floating around. Fire burst from the back of it as it sped towards them. A meteoroid collided with the ship, but it was cut in half by its razor sharp edge.

A strange voice crackled through the radio, barely hearable. But it was another language, and not understandable. “Gweega Zorf, Gweega Zorf! Intendi sil fer Gweega Zorf!”

Mike came stumbling into the cabin. “What just hi-“ He stopped short as he was the ship and heard the voice. “Uhh… Captain? What is that?”

Elias shrugged. “Not sure. But, I’m guessing aliens of some kind, and they don’t really like us intruding on their planet.” Just as he spoke, a flash of red light was seen on the ship and a huge beam careened towards the ship. It smacked it hard in the side. The Odyssey shook and spun under the impact. Elias started yelling orders. “Wes, make for land. I’m not sitting around to get shot up by an alien cruiser. Take The Odyssey to the surface.”

Wes nodded. “Just what I was thinkin’. But, the thrusters are out. We’re a sitting duck. We have one option though. Escape pods. Not normal, but for some strange reason we put them on. I guess you just can’t be too careful. But, we can fit some weapons and supplies on the pods, along with our men, we can make it to the surface. Ya game, captain?

“Any port in the storm, Wes. Take me to them.”

Wes nodded. “Yes sir.” He got up from the pilot’s seat and floated to the middle of the ship, with Elias following. The ship was jarred again by the alien vessel’s big cannon. Elias grimaced.

“The Odyssey can’t take much more of this, Wes!”

Alarms were now blaring now, with blinking red lights flashing though the cabin. Wes grabbed the radio transmitter and slammed the transmit button down. “Yo, everyone better get to the escape pods, before this thing blows up on us all. I repeat, get to the escape pods if you want to live. Oh, and you might want to bring some weapons since Mars is now regarded as a hostile planet. That’s all.”

Ron burst through the door. “Who said we needed military!? Who said it!?”

Elias smiled. “You did Ron. But now is not the time. Let’s get off of this ship!” The ship shuddered again as the big ship’s beam hit it. “Elias grimaced. “I hope we can load up supplies fast, The Odyssey isn’t going to take much more of this.”

Mike came bursting though the door. “All loaded up and ready to go. We got almost everything in escape pods. Let’s get outta here!”

Elias jumped into the escape pod and strapped himself in. “Alright Wes, punch it!” The thrusters ignited and the pod soared into the icy vacuum of space.

Wes was struggling with the controls. “Man, this thing don’t have the smoothness of The Odyssey!” He pulled and pushed as he tried to bring the escape pod in for a smooth landing.

One thing confused Elias. “Shouldn’t we have hit the atmosphere by now? I’m feeling no resistance right now.”

Ron shrugged. “Who knows? I know Mars didn’t have much of an atmosphere, maybe it doesn’t have one at all?”

Elias shook his head. “No, that’s not possible. Everything has an atmosphere, no matter how small. Maybe it-“

“No time for that guys, brace for impact!” Wes yelled louder than was necessary. The small escape pod continued towards the surface. “Five…Four…” They could now discern landforms and large rocks on the surface. “Three…Two…” Small rocks could now be seen as they moved closer to the Red Planet “One!” The escape pod hit the red matter quite hard, although the escape pod’s occupants didn’t feel it. They passed right through it.

Elias looked out the cockpit window. The sight made his jaw drop. “They were passing through the red planet! “What’s going on!”

Wes was having immense problems with the controls again. The large joystick used to control the craft was shaking akin to having a seizure. “Guys, I’m not sure how long I can hang onto this thing!” The craft was shaking uncontrollably now. It was flipping and spinning out of control. Then, the shaking stopped. They were greeted by a sight no one had expected.

A beautifully carved world stretched out, as far as the eye could see. Green, tropical trees were arrayed in magnificent formations. Large, mushroom-shaped objects stuck their heads out of the trees. To the east was a rising mountain range, with valleys filled with volcanic lakes and ponds stretching in-between them.

Wes had regained control of the escape pod. “Okay, I’m gonna head for the clearing in the trees, backed by the cliff over there! Now you should brace for impact!” Wes’s skillful piloting led them to the clearing he had pointed out. This time, the ground was realistically hard. The craft landed roughly, skidding to a halt about ten yards away from the bottom of the cliff.

Elias was the first one to climb out. He looked back behind him. A waterfall fell down the cliff, into a small pond, as the sun glistened off of it.

Ron pulled himself from the wreckage. “Well, what do we do now.”

Mike grabbed an M16A2 and put it over his shoulder. “Easy! We find the others!"

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