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"NO!" Cried Greg as one of the Jedi died
"Warning send reinforcements" Said Greg on his comlink to Luke

Trent woke up in his cell. He felt drowsy as he got up. He quickly sensed fighting all around him.

"Huh." Said Trent
"Use it!" Said Frang as he threw the dead jedis lightsaber to Trent

Trent grabbed the lightsaber and ran. He felt a huge disturbance in th force. He headed for the 45-O-Nine. This ship belonged to the best Jedi Pilot in the Republic, Hordo. Hordo was the leader of the Gamma Team. Trent hoped that Hordo didn't mind him stealing his ship. Trent got in and blasted in to space.


"Are you ready to blast the planet yet sir!" Said a Stormtrooper
"Wait til DarthNeoVenom evacuates!" Said a Sith Master named Jukam
"Yes Sir!"

Above Corthar II there was a huge Capitol Ship of the Empire. It was used to bomb a whole planet. Not destroy the planet mass but destroy the inhabitants.

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