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Urmm, your not from usa are you? It seems you need to beef up on your english. As for the christmas hellboy special. Its not very rare but will cost you a bit. Do you know which fox kids mags have those sam and max in them? Also if you do not know what adventurer is you are not a lucasarts nor a sam and max fan. This magazine came with alot of old lucasarts games and has many different things in them. If you see the pens in the merchandise section, this was an orderable item from that magazine.
Here is the link that shows every one made

then click the adventurer on the bottom left. IF you need hellboy xmas let me know I can find you a copy. BTW sam and max are NOT in this comic. It was just written, drawn and inked by purcell. Other than that please keep all negative comments to self, and just try to remember a day when message boards were there to help others instead of bash them. PM me for sam and max comics!
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