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((Expect the thread to end by the weekend. Maybe sooner if Red can find sometime to post))

*Two med droids walk up to Tanara*

Med Droid: It is now your turn. *the droid turns to Matt* The Asgardried leaves in two minutes, if you don't want to get left behind it would probably be wise to go there now.

*The two droids pick up tanara's gurney and carry her over to the Asgardried and get her situated in her small, sparse room. Tanara is among one of the last of the survivors to be loaded onto the ship.*


*A battle droid comes up to Idun while Marin is still digesting what Idun told her.*

Battle Droid: Two minutes mi Lady.

Idun: Thank you.


*A droid walks up to guy and gives the same message as the Med droid gave Matt*


*Heimdall stretchs out his hand and mutters a spell. A hand appears in the flames and reaches out to Heimdall touching his hand briefly. While the fire continues to consume the dead, no longer is the wooden pyre consumed. Also as the flames arc into the sky they spell out the names of the dead Aesir.

Heimdall turns and walks to the Asgardreid*

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