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Trent was hovering above hte base. He wasn't heading back to the temple just yet. He looked down and could see many Jedi dying. He saw the Alpha Team in the hangar being cut down. He saw the Gamma team run out and get blown to bits.

"Oh no..." Said Trent

He couldn't go down there. He just stayed there in space hovering above the place.


Frang and Greg were cornered. Frang looked at Greg and Greg nodded. It was time for there lives to end.

"FOR THE JEDI!" Yelled Frang and Greg at the same time.

Frang pulled out a Thermal Detonator and threw it at one of the Sith. Then he ran over to a console.

"Cover me!" Said Frang

Frang hacked into the security system. He cause all droids and security turrets to malfunction and shoot everywhere. Then he programmed a self destruct sequence. Everybody in the base was going to die.

"Self Destruct Sequence initiated, 10, 9, 8..."
"Goodbye Edison Trent." Said Frang
"7, 6, 5..."

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