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okay well I have no idea what Mandalorian armor looks like in KOTOR, I did see a picture of the head of one when I was checking out the KOTORII site and it was just grey or white with an ugly visor and simple design. I didn't like it but I think we probably should use the odler version of the armor.

I'm wondering if the old armor had the same or similar guanlet and helmet set up? Like do they have flame throwers, dart rockets, or fiverwire grapple hooks? Do their helmets have battle computers and transmission unscramblers and decoders?

Stuff like that?

Or is it just plain armor?

Well I think it should start off as plain armor, and mabee no jet packs yet... Do you guys want to integrate these changes without restarting the story or not integrate the changes and just use armor similar to the Jaster Mareel era?

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