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Idun: Well the second oath is easy to explain. First Heimdall and then the rest of the rulling council felt that you and Aidan were worth protecting. If you really want to know why I would recommend asking Heimdall.

But for now it is time to leave Midgard.

*Idun gently guides Marin to the Asgardried, when they get to the boarding ramp Idun speaks again*

Idun: There is something we do want you to think about. There may be a time when you cannot morph, and your going to need something to fall back on to defend yourself. If you would like we can teach you how to use a sword, and like your armor it won't inhibit your ability to morph.

*The two arrive at the ramp*

While you think about the offer, head up to the top deck, and go to the rear observatory lounge. Your surprise is back there, I would show you myself but I am needed on the bridge.

*Idun begins to head up the bridge, at the top she turns to Marin*

Remember I'm here if you ever need or want to talk.

*Idun turns and walks into the ship heading towards the bridge*

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