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Lightbulb Battlefront PC Improvements? Please!

Please note some things I would love to see addressed in future patches. I'm not complaining, yet.

1. Rebel Sniper Female doesn't talk when you press special communication, like F2 "Follow me"

2. Infantry character freezes for a few seconds while taking damage. During which you can't shoot, and you're a very easy target to finish off. Right after spawn invincibility, I've even had the unfortunate luck of hearing the dreaded blank click when I've tried firing missiles from my Vanguard player. So, not only am I an easy target, I also have to reload while trying to run like you know what!

3. Several PC players still report in Patch 1.11, crashes to desktop. Yes, I have that too. It occurs randomly. It could be while trying to load your first game of the day, or after several matches. I have Win XP Home and AMD xp 3200+ running 1 gig dual channel ram. Any time I get the "Battlefront.exe has encountered an error and must be shutdown. We're sorry for this inconvience." I end up having to "Restart."

4. Any chance for someone to mod voice communication back in? It could be optional for server admins and players too. If you don't wish to burn up the bandwidth, you can just hit the "Ignore voice communication" button. if you do add it please make sure there's noise reduction when you press the push to talk button, for those of us with webcam mics !!

2 months since release... where's the SDK? Folks are using HEX Editors to change some things around. But, where is the downloadable content for servers? Praying there will be server redirection for downloads!

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