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Hey gerbil

Sounds like you just play dumb! And I dont mind getting bashed when its deserved hehe. As for the PM thing I used to write my email in but it seems people spam that so I stopped and started saying pm me.
I really want to collect all things purcell and it seems you are the guy to help me do it. I can easily help you get the hellboy with toybox (that really does rock) If you could help me with a comicography from purcell. I am trying to collect all things he has put out. I am glad to meet another strong purcell follower so please accept my truce so that mabye we can work together to get what we want. As for collection of the old game magazines, do you think i really want anything out of those BUT sam and max I couild care about the rest of that lame stuff. There is a few pics in the back of one though that as sam and max merch that is kind of cool.
I ll do this one more time I would like ya to email me it seems you more than anyone else here knows whats up so I would appreciate your veteran knowledge.
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