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Real Name: Vash Mammon
Nickname: Vash
Occupation: Former Anthropologists, turned assassin
Age: 250
Species: Shi'ido
(According to the Offical SW Species Guide: Shi'ido's are shapeshifters. They can take on the shape and generally the physically attributes of most creatures. They have limitations. Their shifts aren't always completely accurate, so they also use psychic influence to make a creature ignore the mistakes. Their transformations don't encompse some attributes of a species. For example, changing into a wookiee would give the Shi'ido their strength, and fur, but not their sense of smell or hearing. Shi'ido have limitations, they can transform into creatures as large as a Hutt or as small as 2 feet tall. Vash's attributes will go from his human form, which he'll be in most of the time. Shi'ido's in natural form are as tall as a human, hairless with one supersized fist/arm, and one normal sized arm. They have elongated snouts, and small eyes. Life span is 500 years, the longer they live the better their transformations.)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170
Hair: Blonde/Spiked
Eyes: Blue
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Lao-man aka Sh'shuun
Clothing: Red overcoat, white shirt, brown pants, brown shoes, orange sunglasses, storm trooper armor underneath clothing, no helmet, speeder bike
Weapons: Two heavy blaster pistols with red laser sights with holsters, long knife hidden under coat, ascension gun attachments to pistols, blaster rifle, several motorized spinning blades, vibro axe
NFU with limited pyschic ability
Ship/droids: TIE Avenger called the Slashrat
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