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Hey you know what, I was going to get you a copy of Adventurer #5, as my friend has it in his Monkey Island Box. But you know what?!


Not kidding at all like a whiny goth teen. I'm not making a shocking joke with something society can't discuss without gaping their mouths. I mean it. Get AIDS. I'm hoping it will wipe out all the twits in America. Well them and Africa.
But at least you score some.

And here's the rest of my original message, kept for education purposes:
Also besides Fast Foward #3, the Hellboy Christmas Special, something he wrote with on with Mike Mignola that's superrare involving a lobster superhero, writing the Gumby and Pokey Christmas Special, the upcoming Spudvision, (yeah right) the LucasArts games, the cartoon, and the already existing Sam and Max comics, I think everything is covered.

He might have done some early inking work or some bull**** for one of the piss-on comic corporate giants like Marvel, but almost every comic artist has and it's barely worth your time.

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