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((Deac: Like having your characters board a ship twice? ))

*Idun enters the bridge to find Heimdall sitting at the navigation station looking at a list of planets. Heimdall looks up as she enters*

Heimdall: I saw you with Marin, everything alright?

Idun: Something is bothering her, but she won't say anything.

Heimdall: Ah.

*Idun takes the copilot's seat, and begins to go through system diagnostic displays*

Idun: Are we all set to go?

Heimdall: Just waiting for Marin and Guy to board and we can leave.

*Heimdall, looks at a couple more planets before stopping at one*

Heimdall: Here we go, this planet will due nicely...


*The engines begin to humm with power as the Asgardried readies itself for liftoff*

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