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*Marin stands surprised as Idun leaves*

Hold on. An oath to protect Aidan and I? As opposed to the others? That's what she meant?

*She felt disturbed. Idun's answer had put a strange, alternate spin on things that she wasn't sure she liked. For the time being, she boarded the ship, making a mental note to question Heimdall later. She didn't feel like thinking, trying to concentrate on blotting the terrible images she'd seen all day from her head.

She heads towards the top deck, curious about the 'surprise' Idun had mentioned*


*Guy boards the Asgardried, and heads for his own ship*

Guy: Asgardried, if you could remind the Aesir that I need to retrieve the mercenary ship before we leave here. If they have no objections, I will remove my ship from your cargo bay and take control of it with my own. It will be necessary to leave our two ships separate once this is done. If this will cause a problem with traveling, I will request coordinates of a rendezvous location.

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