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It sounds like somebody's confused.

Tarila: I'd imagine there are more than one of us confused!

Nom: Both of us are! It seems our creator might be as well.

You're correct. Let's bring in somebody else to help out.

(Alyssa Renolin Solo blinks into view and looks around.)

Everybody, meet my first character ever to appear on the wide and wonderful world we call the Internet.

Alyssa: A wonderful introduction, sir, but I must ask... where am I?

Tarila: What does it matter? You're smart, right?

(Alyssa nods slowly.)

Alyssa: What does that have to do with where I am, though? And who are you??

(Tarila shrugs)

Tarila: You'll meet my brother and I in another year or so, but for now, understand that you're not in your own universe any more.

Alyssa: WHAT???

Calm down, Alyssa. You know you're smart. I know your smart. You're here to help us make some sense out of whatever is going on.

(Alyssa looks around uncertainly.)

Alyssa: Which is what exactly?

(Nom laughs)

Nom: Nobody knows.

(Alyssa sighs)

Alyssa: This will take a while...

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