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I'd like to be able to build citites (or in this case, bases) kinda like in RoN. I'd also like to have political/military units such as govenors, generals, and such. I'd like to be able to add customizations to my civ. Let me explain. By making my own custom design or whatever, I can then place it on the side of my units. A totally uneccasary yet neat option. I too would like batalions. I'd also, somehow, like to have a bit more attachment to my troops. For example, instead of sending them in to die like slaves, I'd rather they improve with battle and help out your civ by bonuses and such. To prevent people abusing the bonuses, I'd like to see some kind of method, perhaps "battle mode", when your civ is in battle. Note: the civ is kinda constantly at war, hence you fight a war one battle at a time. My ideas my be shotty, as usual, but I like them. You may begin critizing, flaming, attacking, and destroying my post now.

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