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Guy: Thank you.

*He heads for his ship*


*Marin finds the rear observatory. She notices something strange about it. A section of the room was transformed, and in that area was what appeared to be a five-foot-high freestanding mass of water, or some other clear liquid.*

Could they really have...

*She hesitantly walks up to the boundary of the liquid mass and carefully touches it. With a tingle, her hand passes through the field and is submerged in water. Marin smiles*

I'll definitely have to thank them.


*Raschel heads to her cabin like the others, but can't help but pace around agitated. She knew she oughtn't bother Orthos - he needed rest after the trauma he'd gone through - but she can't help being worried. She heads to his door and knocks, resolving to let whether or not he answered make up her mind for her*

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