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The human Population of Agamar and the other planets in the Shield are decended from settlers who arrived via pre-hyperspace colony ships. The tenative date for their arrival is set between 35-30,000 BBY.

The exact number of ships in the caravan is unknown but the original number of settlers is estimated at 12-24,000. What is known is that Agamar was not the intended destination of these settlers. Various therories as to how an early pre-hyperspace ship, without shields or any of the other equipment needed for a long haul intergalactic voyage, could have survived the trip have been put foward but it seems likely that the caravan fell through some form of wormhole or other phenomonon.

The scant records show that the ships arrived heavily damaged and barely managed planet fall. THe convoy was apparently not eqipped to establish a totally new convoy and it became apparent to the survivors that their technology would not last beyond a few years. What followed was one of the most pragmatic solutions in the history of galactic colonisation.

A massive project was undertaked to transfer as much of the digital information as possible to durrable hard-copies. At the same time an effort was made to survey as much of the planet as possible, to establish a sustainable, if primative, economy and to identify such nessecities as medicinal plants and metal ores.

This project is known about in detail because it is recorded as the responsibility of a man named Relnar Flacken. This man is claimed as an ancestor by all the old families of Agamar and is historical;y connected to both housesa Flax and Rellinion.

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