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because we *like* christmas so much

so then folks, it's christmas time, and we see annoying christmas themed items and gimmicks everywhere. to give it the dot of the i, our well known geek drmccoy demonstrates who much time he has in his useless life besides the days where he has no sexual relationship with any random teacher. so i proudly present the stinking fruits of his worthless work.

ladies and gentlement, here they are, the lucasforums inofficial crappy CRISTMAS-SMILIES, limited edition.



you are asked to use them without though and control, just like diarrhea, like someone used to say. and to give you an extra hint: our friend and powerful supermoderator darth groovy loves christmas, and especially christmas-themed thingies.
so i simply suggest every reply to one of his posts, should at least contain 8 of our little friends.

btw, at some undisclosed point every gif will be replace by some really cool and nasty animated porn pic.

nothing left to say except all hail mr spock


(part 2 will follow)

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