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The base self-destructed. Everyone in it had died. Frang, Greg, all the Jedi were dead. Trent hovered above the Debris. The place was destroyed. He couldn't handle it.

"Goodbye Frang.'' Said Trent sadly
"Goodbye im right here!" Yelled Frang
"FRANG!" Yelled Trent happily

Frang was hovering above Trent. He was different. He was white and he was Transperant.

"No, it can't be!" Said Trent
"Yes it can." Said Frang


Trents ship was hit by an unknown ship above him.

"Sir critical damage to the Hull!" Said the ships computer
"Crap lets get out of here!" Said Trent

Trent activated his shields. He flew down and then up. He faced the ship, and blew it to bits. He got out of the planet.


Trent was back at Yavin 5. He crawled out of his ship. He was a bloody mess and so was the ship. Luke rushed to him.

"Hi Luke." Said Trent

Then Trent fell to the ground. He was still alive just tired.

"Take him to get those cuts and bruises healed!" Ordered Luke to a few nerby Jedi.


Trent woke up in his bed on Yavin 5.

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