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Korriban help, stat >_<

Okie, I'm stuck in the hidden tomb place in the cave on Korriban. I'm all the way through, but I can't get through the last door behind the sarcophagus o_o; I really need help . . . I'll go look for more help online, but I couldn't find much lastnight, even earlier in the game . . .

So please, help. How to get through the locked door at the end of the tomb?

~~~edit: there is NOTHING online. I've been stuck in the tomb for like, 2 1/2 hours now, and been online trying to get help and no one knows anything. C'mon, how bloody hard can it be? Doesn't anyone know how to get past it? Because I sure as hell don't. I've been wandering the same rooms for what's approaching hours, and I can't play this weekend, so I actually wanted to get PAST this tonight.

One of you has to know what to do. Please?

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