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Rwos: *thinks about that for a moment* Nah. *Looks up* So, it would be nice to have a bit of firepower whom I actually know the names of, y'know. I'm not in PtH.

Me: I don't think Jammes is either, actually...

*Chere, Cody, Jason, and K'Warra pop in*

Rwos: Uh...interesting choices.

Me: What? I was just writing them! They happened to be hanging out at the moment!

Rwos: All the same, some other Blades would be nice...

Chere: What, are we not good enough for Beakface here?

Rwos: I choose to ignore the tone of that comment.

Jason: Excuse me, I'd like to get back to moping---er, *cough*, grading papers. Besides, no one here knows who I am.

Me: Fine. *Snaps fingers. Jason vanishes*

K'Warra: So much for the prat. Ah well.

Chere: No one here knows me, either. Or Cody. Right?

Me: Hey, you're gonna be in PtH, so they will...

Chere: And K'Warra is a mind-controlled automaton in Cantina at the moment, am I wrong?

Me:! I can't win here! *Snaps fingers. Chere and Cody vanish. Glares at K'Warra*

K'Warra: Hey, I have no problems with you leaving me out from under mind control. Besides, you know that's getting to be a serious continuity violation, right?

Me: That's because Sejhan doesn't exist in your 'real' continuity. That would be copyright infringement.

K'Warra: No excuse.

Me: Shut up. *mutters something about conjuring time warps to solve the situation*

K'Warra: So, Rwos, looks like it's just you and me. We'd better not push it, or our not-so-illustrious creator might get her/himself kidnapped along with Deac.

Rwos: No chance of other Blades, then?

Me: Hey, they're all busy. Doing whatever they do when they're not in my head.

K'Warra: The imagination shudders.

Me: Hey, I could go grab a couple other characters to keep you company...I think Lily is obliquely flirting with Farran in the lounge again...

Rwos: *quickly* No, no! That'll be fine. *coughs* Just fine.

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