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Jerry:Welcome back, we were talking about this relationship between Bard, Das and fealiks, so tell me, what is this all about?

Das:well, you see, my spouse, fealiks thinks I've been cheating on him for this hansome guy, Bard
Bard:you heard him! he loves me damnit!
Fealiks:nooooooooo *cue slo-mo* *dives towards bard
bard:no you do-- ggaaahha!!!!! *gets punched by fealiks*
Darth:wait! I love you aaaaaaaaall *still slo-mo diving* *diving kiss to bard*
Bardh, the pai--mmmhhnngmmm oooooooh yeaah--
Das:you cheating li--*still slo-mo*--ttle idiot! *flying kick toward bard
fealiks:that'd mean you're cheating!!!!!1 aaaaarrrrhhh*punches das*
jerry:*still slo-mo low pitch stuff* we'll be back after these comertials!
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