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Orthos: I don't imagine I've been much worse. On the plus side...I did. I took down Lokpihet. That's worth one metal leg. I kinda like the sound it makes too. It's like Uncle Deac when his joints were unoiled.


[Edit: This scene's one I've been wanting to do a long time, and after reading through the old episodes, I've realised it's needs doing. So here it is]


*Lokpihet awakes on an outcropping of rock above a lake of fire*

Lokpihet: No...NO!

Voice: It gets worse.

*Lokpihet looks down and finds that he's trapped in the body of his mortal namesake*

You've done it this time, Lokpihet. Interferring in affairs like this is BAD BUSINESS. Maybe a stay in the lowest plane as a mortal will make you understand.

*The first voice reveals his identity*

Syrnl: So, "God of Hatred", ready for the anger of all the people you hurt? I've had it already. Yours will be infinatley worse. But I got off easy, there was good in me. Not you though.

*Lokpihet's face becomes a mask of pure fear*

Syrnl: Welcome to Hell....

Come along Syrnl. You're done here

*Syrnl fades away*

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