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LOL, that is the biggest load of rubbish i have heard for a long time. "Trusim is the way forward" - very funny.

Hate to tell you this Viceroy, but TPM introduced midi chlorians, not RotS. Also, EU was shot down by AotC when we discovered that the Geonosians designed the Death Star for Palpatine, whereas EU said that Devilled Lemsip had designed it, and Tarkin had shown it to Palpatine. In addition, AotC put the lie to the EU claim that the Republic confiscated the TF forces as in Rogue Planet.

So what does this all mean? Apart from showing that EU gets it wrong most of the time, it shows that George Lucas doesnt care about EU, and will go his own way regardless of what EU has written. 'Trusim' is the way forward? No Viceroy. The films are far, far superior and more popular than EU will ever be, which is why gaming companies will rightly bypass EU fanatics such as yourself to cater for the general public, and you will be left in the dust with your precious farce of 'truism'.

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