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New PS2 league is just getting started

Instead of dealing with some of the third party sites that have leagues, DSA's leader, RaTix, has spent some time trying to build a league that can be hosted on the DSA site. The idea being that clan leaders can use the site as a forum to set-up matches, rules, etc. that will alow clans to interact. While it is still a work in progress, that is part of the beauty of it all. We believe that bringing us all together, excluding third party intervention, could really enhance the experience of clan matches and scrimmages.

Like I said, this is still early days for the league, but the input of other clans is welcome. And if a clan doesn't want to participate in the league, we can always set up a match or a scrimmage.

We have tried a couple so far. One had problems getting enough participants from the other side, and the second had lag problems in addition to a philosophical difference in how to play the matches (AI or no AI). All in all, we are hoping that we can get some regularly scheduled matches going and have a good environment for all of us to play.

In addition, maybe we can spur the creation of some more clans to join the league.

I encourage anybody with an interest to check out the website and PM RaTix directly.

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