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While this isn't a first impression...

[Begin Rant]
IMHO it takes way too long to aquire a lightsaber in the game, and for all the effort it just doesn't pay off... ooh... they increased the damage a little... so what... it still is just a 2-20 blade weapon, no initial bonus to hit/deflection/damage... nothing to make it worth the wait for it in the game... it is the single biggest let down to me so far.

You should get to construct one in the old Jedi Academy (Like I expected once I unexpectedly arrived there). Though I do realise what OE was trying to do, they just needed to not hold it off for that long, it is the only part of the game that has made me say... "Well that sucks!!!" and "OE really messed up with this!!!"

[End Rant]

But the game as a whole is not that bad, there is a lot about it I really like, I just have the one above complaint.

This is all just my 2 cents!

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