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Originally posted by Blessèd Sith
No, um, I figured it out though. It was a glitch or something. Hint to all: save after you succeed at each memory thing. Because if you're killed in one, you cannot leave the tomb. I was lucky I had an autosave at the beginning of korriban (and lucky korriban isn't long) or my game would have been screwed. So I restarted, didn't die against my party (this time) and made it out the door.

This game has a LOT of glitches.
Yes, I noticed this too. I had a similar problem on Nar Shadaa.

I was playing Dark side and a Wookie was supposed to meet me. I got it ok but then, in the next stage of the plot, where Atton has to fight alone, he died and I had to reload. When I reloaded, the wookie never appeared. I got Mira instead.

[edit] I also had this on Dantoine: I saved my game just before
talking to Vrook at the end of the level. I fought him after the conversation and died. I reloaded and Vrook never appeared. Luckily, I am keeping more than one saved game.

It also happened at a few other places. Always save after an event and not before or save before entereing the module. That is really annoying. The other solution is...don't die.

I think Obsidian has been lazy and attached the scripts that set some plot globals when you enter some modules and not when the action is perfomed. Or some code checking for variables is missing from the "On Enter" scripts of some area. Therefore, when you reload a game, it's like the game already recorded an event that never happened.

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