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((I think we have reached a good stopping point, There is not going to be a great time skip for the next thread. Only a couple of days, this will get everyone's characters back to normal (sort of anyways) ))

*The Asgardried clears the graveyard, shutters are raised on all middle deck windows. Once they have been fully raised the ship engages its slipstream drive, in a flash it is gone.

Heimdall: We will arrive at Kartin in two days. We have some work to do before then, but first I want all of us to get a couple hours of rest.

*Heimdall stands, leaves the bridge and heads to his cabin. Idun and Valda followed suite. In the morning they would begin their their work...*


*Red wants the honor of starting the next thread, and it should be maybe later today, or in a couple of days*

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