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Alyssa clears her throat, alerting her creator to the fact that she wants to speak with him.

What is it?

Alyssa: Am I really needed here? After all, I don't know anyone and they don't know me.

Tarila: We already established the fact that my brother and I know you, though you don't yet know us. We have also established the fact that you're smart. Therefore, perhaps you may have overlooked the fact that you do seem to be needed.

Tarila has a point there, Alyssa.

(Alyssa answers crossly)

Alyssa: Well fine then! It's not like I had anything else I was doing... not like taking care of Cat is anything important.

Oh, so you want him too?

(Alyssa begins to protest, but a full grown tiger appears suddenly and approaches her, growling at the others.)

Alyssa: I told you not to!

And I did... oops!

Alyssa: Oh, shut up and take him back.


(The tiger, meanwhile has pinned Nom to the floor and is growling menacingly at him.)

Nom: Ugh! I just wish you were from a few years later! You'd know me by then!

(The tiger growls again and Alyssa calls him off.)

Alyssa: No! Cat, come back now.

(With a final growl, the tiger returns to Alyssa's side.)

Alyssa: If you're not going to take him back, then maybe we should get on with this.

I would, but I have no idea what we're doing.

Tarila: Aha! It comes directly from his mouth!

(The tiger growls again.)

Alyssa: Shut up, Cat. (It obeys)

Nom: So does anybody really know what we're doing?

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