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*The Asgardried answered Guy's query, though a set of relays. Tracing the message would lead to a barren plain on Beran Minor.*

Asgardried: We are just taking precautions to ensure the saftey of the group. What has happened to your vessel?


*Vidar finally awoke from his two day coma. Valda had stayed with him every moment she could. When Vidar came out of his coma, she was at his side, smiling warmly at him.

Vidar tried to sit up, but he was still to weak from his encounter with Fenrir and couldn't manage.*

Valda: Lay, down. It will be another day until you can stand and move around normally.

*Viddall, and Ragnar were currently manning the bridge, listening to the Asgardried as it talked to Guy. Svafa, Idona, and Idun were walking along the beach, Gerd was in front of them walking in the surf.

Heimdall, decided to take a break from working in his forge. He walked to an outcropping of rocks and sat down, gazing at the water and trying to relax to the soothing sounds of waves.*

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