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Tanara sat alone on a large rock on the beach. She had no idea where to reach Elaina, but she knew it must be done. With a small sigh, she reached up and brushed her hair out of her face, wincing as the new hand touched her face. She had still not grown accustomed to the coolness of its touch.

Your sister is not far from here.

Tanara bolted upright from her slightly relaxed position and slid off the rock, landing on her feet.

"Where?" she demanded.

Patience. She will come to you.

Tanara nodded uncertainly and returned to the Asgardried.


"You've tired me out again," Elaina complained. "Why must you do this to me?"

"You must be prepared for a fight," Kira's cold voice retorted. "It is the only way..." her voice trailed off. Then, she spoke again, no more than a whisper. "Your sister is here."

"Finally!" Elaina exclaimed. "Let us go to her."

"As we shall," Kira agreed, putting Elaina's legs into motion, running toward the beach. When she got there, she slowed to a walk. "Finally! This is the ship your sister boarded."

She walked forward, remembering that the ship had spoken to Tanara.

"You are not called the Sky Swinger," she retorted. "That's what the records called you, but they also said you were heading here. You didn't... at least not right away."

"I'm looking for my sister," Elaina cut in, surprising Kira in her sudden control over her own voice.

Let me handle this! she screamed from inside Elaina's head, but Elaina refused, pushing Kira temporarily to the back of her mind.

"Her name's Tanara," she continued. "I want to see her."

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