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Originally posted by Leper Messiah
ok im gettin through Star By Star slowly (ive got a lot of work to do atm) and the battle of Coruscant has just begun and Anakin has just snuffed it.

on the subject of Anakins death: excellent, very well done to the author, now that is the way Chewie should have gone down. I was a little sad to see Anakin go, I was hoping Jacen or Jaina would die, both have annoyed me throughout their presence in the EU, Anakin was a much better character than they are.
that's the thing. Anakin was a well liked character by many. His loss allowed the author(s) to reflect on each of the characters, summarising how each has responded differently in a time of turmoil. It also helped crystallise the jedi cause I believe, and possibly make things a *little* easier for Luke, who was starting to encounter an increasing amount of division within the ranks of the jedi

keep reading ! SBS is cool....but nothing like TUF, which is an absolutely awesome finale...DaMMIT! I wish they would hurry with those post NJO novels...Im getting sick of the clone wars era stuff


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