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Tanara's face relaxed and she nodded. "Of course. It makes sense. No matter. Come, Elaina."

They left the ship without Kira's weapons and continued in silence for a time. When they were hidden from view, Tanara turned to Kira.

"You wanted to see me," she said softly. "Here I am. What is it?"

"I'm not letting you out of my sight again," Kira answered, hoping to sound like Elaina. Tanara was not fooled.

"I know what you meant by that," she said. Suddenly, Kira lunged forward, taking Tanara down to the ground. When the two women separated, Tanara's lightsaber was in Kira's hands. With a smirk, she activated its blade.

"Perhaps you're not as intelligent or strong as I thought," she retorted. Without a word, Tanara rolled up her right sleeve, showing her new forearm.

"Do you know what this is made of?" she asked. Kira shrugged. "From what I'm told, it's a mixture of Mithril and cortosis. So you see, I let you take my lightsaber, for without it, you would have a serious disadvantage. Besides that, I have a defense against it."

With a low growl, Kira lashed out with the lightsaber. Tanara lifted her arm and blocked the swing. Her sleeve fell over the arm again, but she paid no attention to it. In a few more seconds, the sleeve was ripped to shreds. Tanara lunged forward and gripped the blade of her lightsaber, pulling backward as she lifted a leg up to kick Kira's hand. At this, the lightsaber went flying over Tanara's head and she released it.

"Hand to hand," Kira growled. Tanara nodded and came forward. The two began wrestling. At first, neither one appeared to have the advantage over the other, but over time, Tanara began to gain the upper hand. Finally, she wrestled Kira to the ground, holding her there.

"You did what you promised," she said. "Now I will make a promise. I'll not let you keep your hold on my sister. Do you hear me, Kira? I'm fulfilling this promise. Now!"

Holding Kira's throat with her right hand, she placed her real hand on Elaina's forhead. A strangled cry came from Elaina's mouth as she continued to struggle under Kira's influence. Then, suddenly she went limp. Tanara gasped and fell backward as Kira passed from Elaina to Tanara.

"I've got you!" Tanara whispered. Elaina remained motionless on the ground. Tanara groaned and dropped flat on her back. She could regain control of Kira as she once had, but it was different this time. Kira didn't want to be in Tanara and was trying again to get out.

"Don't think I'll let you," Tanara snapped, using the Force and her own willpower to trap Kira in a dark corner of Tanara's mind forever.

Finally, Tanara sat up.

Release me! Kira screamed. Tanara managed a weak smile.

"I don't think so," she said. "Do you see my sister there? Look through my eyes. That is what you did to her. Don't think I'll let you do it again."

Slowly, she got to her feet and went over to Elaina. She felt her strength returning and gently picked her sister up. Using the Force to retrieve her lightsaber, Tanara turned back toward the Asgardried.

When she came into view again, she was still carrying Elaina who was still unconscious. She approached the ship and stopped.

"Elaina needs medical attention," she said. Then, she collapsed, apparently in need of some medical attention herself.

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