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*Viddall manipulated a couple of controls then turned to Ragnar*

Viddall: I'm going to help Valda, with those two *motioning to a monitor showing Tanara and Elaina.* I'll be back in a little bit.

Ragnar: This could be funny, I'll record it. Have fun.

Viddall: Thanks.

*Viddall, stands and meets Valda at the entrance. The two walk down the ramp and then headed towards the collasped sisters. When they reached them Viddall immediatly bent over Tanara and removed her lightsaber, placing it with Elaina's weapons. Valda meanwhile disentangled the sisters and looked at them.*

Valda: I want both of them bound before I treat them, but don't want to bring them inside the ship...

*All the commotion and action aroused the attention of one of the Drakes. Getting out of the surf the drake began walking over to the Asgardried.

Viddall saw this and smiled*

Viddall: I think we may have a solution *gesturing towards the drake.*

*A minute later the Drake arrived and Viddall spoke to him briefly about his idea. The drake nodded his consent at Viddalls suggestion. A couple of moments later the drake had position himself between the sister, and placed a claw on each sister's chest. The drake used enough pressure to pin the women to the ground but not enough to harm them.*


*Idun's comlink buzzed on the beach, signalling her that she was needed back at the ship. Idun walked quickly back to the ship arriving just as the drake was pinning the sisters to the ground.*

Idun: I take it this is why I was called back?

Viddall: Yes mi'lady

*Viddall quickly filled Idun in on what had occured.*

Idun: Go on Valda lets get this over with.

*Valda knelt between the two sisters placing a hand on their foreheads. She utters a spell, ten seconds later she stands and steps back. Idun nods to Valda, while wondering which sister would wake up first*

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