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Return of the Brain Eating Worms. AKA Ceeroque and Creyje, the Biological Trio. ALIAS

Yes, indeed, as you might have noticed from this threads title, it's riddle time, i know, again, but.. yes, it's been too long and you're all just come over like ment..uuh..brai..tse..think-thingy
pygmies. So come nearer, join in and solve this meaning-of-the-world changing riddle. Those who, although impossible, already know the answer, will post it in spoilers or be punished, i know mods, super-mods, admins and super-admins, you know?? Obey.

So, here it is:

There are 12 balls..

..and one chick, what a mess.

*banned, thread over, GO HOME!*


Now seriously. There are 12 cubes, and make it gamepads if you like.
However, it should be spheres, because that's not so easy as using cubes or gamepads.
11 are complete equal in color, weight etc. 1 looks equal but has a different weight.
You have a balance and 3 measurings.

How do you find the different cube/gamepad/MAAANWHATEVER!!, and is it heavier or lighter?


What the? "It" shortened the title. CRAP! Now i look like a dumbnut.


Take the ALIAS out, now! Stop my thread's title from looking STRANGE.


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