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((OOS: [Ya, in this thread? Who would've thought? ] If I recall correctly, real-Deac lives in England...if not, I'll correct my post ))

Rwos: I'd be all for that, except 'Redwing' doesn't have a car...

K'Warra: That's right. She, or he, or it, or whatever, rides the bus. *Grins* Two hours every day to school. We can steal 'its' bus pass if you want.

Me: ...Shut up. >< *Hides*

K'Warra: On the bright side, I know all about Earth. Because I live here! In an alternate universe, anyway...

*K'Warra walks across the street to the first vehicle he sees. Breaks the lock and opens the door*

K'Warra: Hey! We're in England! Bloody Brits driving on the wrong side of the road...

Rwos: Aren't you English?

K'Warra: Ya, but I haven't really lived here since the Middle Ages. Someone else want to drive? I get shotgun.

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