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Asgardried: You realize if they were sleeping we could easily wake them up, but yes they are awake.


*Idun stares at Tanara for a little while, then she crouches down by her head and spoke in a low voice*

Idun: It was wise of you to tell the truth, I can see that Kira has been locked away in the recesses of your mind. Your life now depends upon you keeping her there under your control. Always remember that I will be able to tell if Kira gains control of you.

*Idun stood and nodded at the drake, the drake raised his claw freeing the Jedi*

Idun: Your sister is over there, she is rather upset over what has happened. You need to reassure her what you did was the right thing. Also both of you may retrieve your weapons whenever you wish.

*Idun walked back towards Viddall, and Valda. They exchange a few words. Viddall and Valda head back inside the ship, while Idun and the Drake headed towards the beach.*

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