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Heimdall: Well to begin with you are a child, even though you are one of the most mature members of this group. I don't know Aidan's age but he at least acts like a child.

You entered a galaxy in turmoil and needed someone who was going to look out for you, especially with the Shadows actively pursuing you. It may have been better for you to know of this earlier but we have spent our lives protecting people in secrete and its a hard habit to break.

Why haven't we taken oaths to protect the others? Well, one of our oaths covered them in general but that oath would also cover you and Adian. However, we knew that they could protect themselves. We did not know your abilities when we took the oath concerning you.

And no, we do not have any alterior motives in taking the oath. We have also taken a similar oath for another member of this group.

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