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basics of Modeling a new saber hilt

** {when in doubt mouse over a button and wait the name will appear} **

Decompile and Import a game model using mdlops to decompile with Animations on.

Then use Nwmax import the ascii-.mdl again With animations

In max / gmax On the right hand side go to create tab hit first the Arrow icon tab, then click the 2d shape button if it only shows 3d shapes go to the drop down and chose shapes. Click the [ circle square and triangle button ] and choose Ngon below in the Ngon Parameters set the segments to 6 or 8 or 10 or Maximum. 12 sided Ngon click and drag in the top view port. To convert it in to 3d add extrude modifier [ click modify tab it’s the bent tube tab next to create] chose extrude modifier in the long drop down list and below in the extrude modifier parameters set it to 2 cm or so just to make your 2d shape in to 3d. Now with it still selected right click and chose convert to editable mesh or editable poly .. now in the Editable mesh or poly modifier stack, click the plus to expand the sub objects and click on polygon in the perspective view click the top polygon and extrude up. Repeat as necessary while shaping your hilt. Creative license will determine everything else. Try not to make to many horizontal segment it will end up adding to the overall weight of the poly count.

It’s also helpful to have an idea before you start of what it is you want to model so you can plan out how high each extrusion should be

Using extrude, bevel, move, scale [ uniform or nonunifom ] and rotate in editable POLY / MESH in it’s sub object mode you can make anything you please.

If you model as editable poly Make sure to convert to editable mesh before exporting
Read the saber tut with mdlops to set your hilt up and fallow the instructions
And keep your eye on the poly counter try not to make a hilt over 1000 polys

To find the poly counter go to the last tab on the far right side [ utilities / is hammer icon ] in gmax it is already there in 3dsmax you have to add it. So in MAX hit the {add button} [ the button has an icon of 4 button cells on it ] first add two more button slots by setting the number to say 12 or something . Then find Polygon counter in the big drop down list and drag and drop on one of the empty buttons that’s it. Now your counter will always be there unless you reinstall the app. To see the count you have to have the model selected

Have a question about terminology read the helpful read me , in fact in my opinion After using various 3d apps and graphic apps I have to say 3dsmax / gmax read-me’s with the database / search function is by far the best I have ever used as well as all great illustrated images. Adobe could take a lesson for this anyways enough rambling go and model and have fun


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