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Marin: Well...thank you... And yes, I have thought about the offer, and I accept. I can't depend on morphing for everything...if I can depend on it at all.

*A section of Guy's ship opens, and he steps out. He is dressed considerably differently from 'normal'. Instead of only gray, his bodysuit is white and black as well, and is of a completely different design, with etching designs decorating some of its surfaces. A cloak hangs over his shoulders, replacing the high-collared coat he'd worn constantly before. He holds a large staff, and an odd mechanical device appears to be incorporated into the band covering his eyes.

He stands on a floating disk made of a strange-looking metal with more strange designs on it. On his wrists and upper arms are devices made of the same metal with similar designs.

Guy approaches Marin and Heimdall on the disk*

Guy: Excuse me.

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