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The instant Tanara was free, she jumped to her feet and ran toward the rock Elaina had been sitting on. Though she was facing away from the ship, Elaina had occasionally looked back to it. When she saw Tanara running toward her, she slid off the rock and met her sister halfway.

"How could you?" Elaina asked quickly, hugging Tanara tightly. "How could you have put yourself in such danger for me?"

"The correct question is how could I have let Kira stay?" Tanara answered, returning her sister's hug. "Have you any idea what she did to you?"

"I... I don't," Elaina answered slowly, "but it... it wasn't much... was it?"

"More than you care to know," Tanara said. "She put you through a lot, turning you toward the Dark Side. She used the Force through you, though you had not been trained to do so. It had negative effects, all of which are nearly gone. Your skin has nearly returned to normal and so have your eyes."

"I still can't believe you would do that," Elaina said. Tanara smiled.

"I had to," she replied. "I have control over Kira, a thing you could never do. Unless..."

"Unless what?" Elaina demanded.

"Unless I were to train you," Tanara answered slowly. "You have the makings of a strong Jedi, Elaina. All you need is a little training and a little time. Kira's control over you did have some positive effects."

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