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Guy: I have brought the captives. *He looks - or more accurately inclines his head - in Marin's direction* Does the name "Chere" mean anything to you?

Marin: rings a bell...

*Guy produces a small, flat device and holds it in his hand. The image of a human girl is projected in front of the rock next to Marin. The girl was small of stature, Marin being slightly taller in comparison. She had skin a deep shade of olive, unusually short and messy black hair, and black eyes. She wore dirty clothes which included jeans vaguely similar to the ones Marin had brought with her to this dimension. Also frozen in the image was the exasperated expression on her face.*

Marin: I know her...well, I knew of her. She was with a group Aidan was part of for a little while...I can't remember anything else about her.

Guy: Where is Aidan?

Marin: He's on the Asgardried...Guy, is she one of the 'captives'?

Guy: Yes, she is.

Marin: Where is she now? Why isn't she with you?

Guy: I didn't let any of the three prisoners out of their cages. The mercernaries were using them for some kind of power they have; they could well be dangerous. I wanted to confirm her story first.

Marin: Oh? Weren't there three captives?

Guy: The others are just waking up. All three were put into a chemical-induced sleep. Chere was the first to revive. Now excuse me, I need to find Aidan and question him.

Marin: Wait! We can't just leave them caged up just because they might be 'dangerous'! You know what Shadows are were one! Aidan and I would be considered dangerous too, wouldn't we? Wouldn't most of us here be?

*Guy "looks" back at her*

Guy: I wasn't planning on leaving them in there forever of course. But caution is still in order. Once I talk to Aidan, I'll bring the captives out here and you may speak to them and decide for yourselves.

*Guy steps off the disk, which vanishes. He walks, rather slowly, towards the Asgardried and enters*


Asgardried, Aidan's Quarters

*Aidan's door is unlocked. Guy knocks anyway*

Aidan: *Groggily* What? Who is it?

Guy: It's Guy. May I come in?

Aidan: No. What do you want?

Guy: I need to know if you recognize someone.

Aidan: Who?

Guy: She calls herself Chere.


Guy: Marin said you knew her. I have an image if you want to see it.

Aidan: Fine, come in.

*Guy enters the room. Aidan sits up, an annoyed expression on his face*

Aidan: So the Shadows know the names of every person I've seen, heard, touched or spoken to within the long has it been?

Guy: I doubt it. This may be a coincidence.

*He projects the image that he'd shown to Marin*

Aidan: Oh. Her! *He stops for a moment, contemplating* Ya, I know who she is. Wouldn't say I knew her. She was just sort of...there... *He trails off without an explanation* Why are you asking me? Where did you see her?

Guy: She is one of the three prisoners the Shadow-hired mercernaries carried with them when they attacked us. She claimed to have recognized you and I wanted to verify her story.

Aidan: What?! She is? Where are these prisoners now?

Guy: I managed to rescue them. They are on my ship. I still have not released them from their cages, however.

Aidan: What the hell? Why not?! I thought you'd been claiming to be a former Shadow...planning on bargaining your way back with them?

Guy: The three prisoners were most likely being used for some sort of power by the mercernaries. Without some assurances that we can trust them, or that they are not indeed dangerous...So what can you tell me about this Chere?

Aidan: *a suspicious tone in his voice* Not much really...and why should I? Why don't you ask her about herself.

Guy: Do you believe she is dangerous?

Aidan: least, not to me. I can't really remember, but I think she could pull some kind of super-speed trick. That's all.

Guy: *after a pause* What about astral projection?

Aidan: What? Never heard of that. Why don't you go ask Marin your weird questions? She'd be more than happy to answer them, I'm sure. I can't remember anything else.

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