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Hey it's my 1 and a half year anniversary in two days!!!!

I remember those days, Ray spoke in some sort of German pidgin dialect that nobody understood, Alia was called Captain Andy and I was her pimp (seriously!!!), and Thrik was just mere mortal pre moderator/super moderator/administrator - caught up in a points donating scandal......ahh the who did you sleep with to get to the top Thrik?

Going back to what Ray said about MI on the Amiga. I remember the first time I played it.....crikey must be about 15 years ago now. I obtained a (cough) copy from a friend, and thought the game was so damn good, I threw the copy in the bin and in blind admiration and respect for the programmers went out and bought an original copy for the Amiga the very next day.

Ahhhh how time flies.....

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