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lol uj

Since 1.03 JK2, this series has gotten nothing but newbified. The coders of adminmods and such should be taken out behind the woodshed and given a deliverance style beating for their unjust dismantling of this series with their newbified crap
too true i'm afraid

I wish you guys still played. I have jk2 again and was considering reinstalling it. JKA is pathetic you have no idea just how bad it has gotten. there is only one good server in the whole game now. I seriously doubt this series will ever be good again. The shame of it all is that JKA could have been such a great game. I still remember how shocked I was after the game was released to find out that kick was gone. The irony is that legions of newbies defended the decision to take it out, and then a few months later they were all using gay mods that put it back in, only with tons of cheats like Jetpacks, grapples, admin commands, ect.
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