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Marin: I'm willing - *she gives a little smile* - if someone is willing to give me the training. I've seen others recieve martial training. It takes a long time...and I'd still like to be able to morph. I've had years of practice in that. Speaking of which: are you going to try morphing again? Or are you just going to leave that...*She fumbles for words for a moment* ...count it as just another one of those regrettable things that happened...then...that you can forget about?

*She pauses for a few moments, then looks directly at Heimdall*

Marin: If you do decide to pursue it, I'll be happy to help you. If not...well, I'd rather you didn't...well, experiment. This...well, this is an unnatural power, but it's been in my family for generations. It's almost always caused terrible things to happen - without fail if the power was given away. I'll be candid - I gave Aidan the power because I thought you might have been planning on killing us. I wanted to increase his chances of escape. You...well, you probably know why I gave it to you. To be perfectly honest, I never would have done it under...normal circumstances. But it can't be taken back, so my offer of help stands. Otherwise, remember that it's

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