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Skirting the censor, eh? Jajaja. And you're even a moderator of this place Gabez, tsh tsh tsh. :P

Originally posted by RoyTordesLegend
I remember those days, Ray spoke in some sort of German pidgin dialect that nobody understood, Alia was called Captain Andy and I was her pimp (seriously!!!)
Aahhh. I remember those days. The air was clammy and Captain Andy was laying on her bed, until suddenly. And just to make that clear: everybody understood me, they just didn't know. ;D

so who did you sleep with to get to the top Thrik?
That's three guesses for you, Roy.

Going back to what Ray said about MI on the Amiga. I remember the first time I played it.....crikey must be about 15 years ago now.
I was like 14 or so and got Monkey Island from my parents for something like "communion". Together with an Amiga Action Replay MK III , a second disk drive and 2Mb RAM extension WHOOO. Unluckily I became ill on that (satur-)day. I even had to stay at home for a week.

Oh, and K-J -- Thanks for that last saturday night. I nearly forgot how addictive i found LeChuck's theme to be. After playing the game through i crawled out an old TFMX player for the Amiga and listened to it the rest of the night while working on something else. Yes i know, the Scummbar has MP3s, and i've got them too, but err.. *shrug* it feels better this way. ^^

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