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Server rules (and admins) exist to protect and encourage new players to play fair and to give them an opportunity not to deal with nutless asses like Media.

I just love it when ppl start whining about "old school". Media, maybe you don't have the skill or nuts to move on. I know the world is a lonely place for hard-core JK2 old schoolers...


I wont tell anyone that you stick to the guns because you havn't mastered the new sabers yet...


I agree that there are admins out there who like nothing more than to punish ppl for being better than they are, but I also know that anyone with Media's attitude will inevitably get kicked/banned.

If you don't like the way JASA and the other clans play then go the fcuk away. No-one sent you a goddam invitation to the server. Don't start up a lame thread and bitch about the old days and how new clans are so noob.

If the old days were so frikkin leet you'd think some of your clans would have survived. Maybe ppl got tired of ****kickers like you stirring **** up and your super-competitive attitude. Your wins on an !!internet game!! doesnt make up for your shortcomings in RL. You're still a sad little man.

Evolve, grow up, move on.

No-one cares about your bitching.


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