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that was a very hilarious tirade man. I hear Ritalin will really help out with your condition. Super dork, language is keeping you locked and repeated. I've read that exact same post so many times. It's always facinating to me when I see these kids who have formed their whole personality around internet gaming communities. Maybe if you pierce it it will stop lying to you.
Cliche e-insults aside, you are clueless, and your attempts at making gaming related points regarding this game are shallow. I realize that by attacking something which clearly forms a large part of your self-image (s/o nf jka rpg clans) that I have incited your e-fury. Here is some advice for you. Take your ritalin, wack off to some porn, eat that candy bar that your mom has waiting downstairs for you, and watch some TV until your desire to express yourself goes back down a bit. Consider the caricature that is your personality.
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